We propose a generic framework to characterize climate change adaptation uncertainty according to three dimensions: level, source and nature

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Refsgaard, J. C.
Arnbjerg-Nielsen, K.
Drews, M.
Halsnæs, K.
Jeppesen, E.
Madsen, H.
Markandya, A.
Olesen, J. E.
Porter, J. R.
Christensen, J. H.
Mitig Adapt Strateg Glob Change

J. C. Refsgaard & K. Arnbjerg-Nielsen & M. Drews & K. Halsnæs & E. Jeppesen & H. Madsen & A. Markandya & J. E. Olesen & J. R. Porter & J. H. Christensen. (2013). The role of uncertainty in climate change adaptation strategies—A Danish water management example, Mitig Adapt Strateg Glob Change, 18:337-359

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