This research looks at environmental change, both past and current, on the east coast of Zanzibar, Tanzania in terms of the implications of sea level rise, extreme storms and the current vulnerability of coastal settlements.

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Khamis, M.
Klein, R. G.
Mzee, A. J.
Haji, T. A.
Asseid, B.
Sitari, T.
Springer Berlin Heidelberg

Mustellin, M. Khamis, R. G. Klein, A. J. Mzee, T. A. Haji, B. Asseid and T. Sitari (2011). Coastal Forest Buffer Zones and Shoreline Change in Zanzibar, Tanzania: Practical Measures for Climate Adaptation? In: Experiences of Climate Change Adaptation in Africa. Pp. 133- 151. Springer-Verlag Berlin

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