The purpose of this research is to establish sufficient knowledge of the coastal changes in Kiwengwa, Matemwe and Pwani Mchangani shehias in Zanzibar to motivate the stakeholders to take action. This is achieved by analysing the changes over the past 50 years, by interviewing the stakeholders and by initiating a participatory process to analyse the situation and to plan practical actions to mitigate the unwanted effects of the change.

Author names: 
Mustelin, J.
Asseid, B.
Haji, T.
Khamis, M.
Klein, R.
Mzee, A.
T. Sitari
Turku University Department of Geography Publications

Mustelin, J., Assaid, B., Haji, T., Khamis, M., Klein, R., Mzee, A., and Sitari, T. (2009). Practical measures to tackle climate change: coastal forest buffer zones and shoreline change in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Turku University Department of Geography Publications.

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