This study examines coastal communities’ perceptions of environmental change in northeast Zanzibar, Tanzania and their preferences for adaptive strategies, while simultaneously examining physical change processes through change analysis. The study suggests coastal forest buffer zones as an anticipatory adaptation measure, which is based on soft measures such as vegetation planting, awareness raising and stakeholder cooperation.

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Mustelin, J.
Klein, R. G.
Assaid, B.
Sitari, T.
Khamis, M.
Mzee, A.
Haji, T.
Population and Environment

Mustelin, J., Klein, R. G., Assaid, B., Sitari, T., Khamis, M., Mzee, A., & Haji, T. (2010). Understanding current and future vulnerability in coastal settings: community perceptions and preferences for adaptation in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Population and Environment, 31(5), 371-398.

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