Cost-Benefit-Analysis of several ecosystem services reveals polder flood retention areas to provide cost-effective protection against flood damage, with additional ecological benefits. In response to the 2002 floods, an assessment by Grossmann and colleagues (2010) compared various flood protection options for the river Elbe: a. to relocate selected dykes, thereby permanently enlarging the river bed b. to establish flood polders, specially designated flood retention areas which can be opened for flooding upon demand c. a combination of a) and b). The study applies an extended cost-benefit analysis (CBA) in order to evaluate the three options.

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Teichmann, M.
Berghöfer, A.

TEEBcase River Elbe flood regulation options with ecological benefits, Germany, mainly based on Grossmann et al. (2010), compiled by Teichmann, M. and Berghöfer, A. (2010), available at:

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