The paper starts by investigating benefits from early warning systems in Europe, in terms of saved lives and reduced disaster asset losses. It then uses this evaluation to estimate the potential benefits of providing similar services in developing countries. Section 2 then assesses the other economic benefits that could be derived from the same hydro-meteorological information that is needed for early warning. These benefits are linked to a better optimization of economic production, and can be estimated in Europe to serve as the basis for an estimate for developing countries. Section 3 assesses the cost of providing this information, and Section 4 concludes with a cost-benefit analysis of doing so.

Author names: 
Hallegate, S.
The World Bank, Sustainable Development Network

Hallegate, S. (2012). A Cost Effective Solution to Reduce Disaster Losses in Developing Countries: Hydro-Meteorological Services, Early Warning, and Evacuation. World Bank. Policy Research Working Paper 6058. May 2012. Published by World Bank, Washington.