Study assesses the feasibility of developing climate change related vulnerability indicators for urban areas to support future EU spatial development policy by reviewing available literature and research activities.

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Schauser, Inke
Otto, Sonja
Schneiderbauer, Stefan
Harvey, Alex
Hodgson, Nikki
Robrecht, Holger
Morchain, Daniel
Schrander, Joost-Jan
Khovanskaia, Maria
Celikyilmaz-Aydemir, Gamze
Prutsch, Andrea
McCallum, Sabine
European Topic Center on Air and Climate Change

Inke Schauser, Sonja Otto, Stefan Schneiderbauer, Alex Harvey, Nikki Hodgson, Holger Robrecht, Daniel Morchain, Joost-Jan Schrander, Maria Khovanskaia, Gamze Celikyilmaz-Aydemir, Andrea Prutsch, Sabine McCallum (2010). Urban Regions: Vulnerabilities, Vulnerability Assessments by Indicators and Adaptation Options for Climate Change Impacts. Bilthoven: European Topic Center on Air and Climate Change

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