A vaccine for Lyme disease was approved in 1998 for use in the US. Given the high cost of the vaccine, the low risk of Lyme disease in many areas, and the largely curable nature of the disease, the cost-effectiveness of the vaccine in various risk groups is uncertain. This study was undertaken to examine the cost-effectiveness of the Lyme disease vaccine and the factors that influence its cost-effectiveness.

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Hsai, E.C.
Chung, J.B.
Schultz, J.S.
Albert, D.A.
Arthritis Rheum. 46(6) pp1439-42.

Hsai, E.C., Chung, J.B., J.S. Schultz and D.A. Albert (2002) “Cost-effectiveness of the lyme disease vaccine” Arthritis Rheum. 46(6) pp1439-42.

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