Describes impacts on a major U.S. city (Boston), what those impacts are likely to cost, and what adaptive measures can be taken to protect the region from the worst of these effects. Assessment of health from heat, and concludes adaptation can reduce to negligble risks

Author names: 
Kirshen, P.H.
Ruth, M.
Anderson, W.
Lakshmanan, T.R.
Chapra, S.
Chudyk, W.
Edgers, L.
Gute, D.
Sanayei, M.
Vogel, R.
CLIMB project/ Tufts University.

Kirshen, P.H., Ruth, M., Anderson, W., Lakshmanan, T.R., Chapra, S., Chudyk, W., Edgers, L., Gute, D., Sanayei, M., Vogel, R., 2004. Climate’s long-term impacts on metro Boston, Final Report to the US EPA (CLIMB). Office of Research and Development, Washington, DC.

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