Economic costs of climate change in Europe, for some sectors costs and benefits of adaptation (coasts)

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Ciscar, J.C. (Ed.)
Iglesias, A.
Feyen, L.
Goodess, C.M.
Szabó, L.
Christensen, O.B.
Nicholls, R.
Amelung, B.
Watkiss, P.
Bosello, F.
Dankers, R.
Garrote, L.
Hunt, A.
Horrocks, L.
Moneo, M.
Moreno, A.
Pye, S.
Quiroga, S.
van Regemorter, D.
Richards, J.
Roson, R.
Soria, A.
Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg

Climate change impacts in Europe. Final report of the PESETA research project (2009).

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