Description of an approach for a qualitative and quantitative assessment of adaptation options to respond to climate change in the Netherlands.

Author names: 
de Bruin, K.
Dellink, R. B.
Ruijs, A.
Bolwidt, L.
van Buuren, A.
Graveland, J.
de Groot, R. S.
Kuikman, P. J.
Reinhard, S.
Roetter, R. P.
Tassone, V. C.
Verhagen, A.
van Ierland, E. C.
Climate change

De Bruin, K., Dellink, R. B., Ruijs, A., Bolwidt, L, van Buuren, A., Graveland, J., de Groot, R. S., Kuikman, P. J., Reinhard, S., Roetter, R. P., Tassone, V. C., Verhagen, A. and van Ierland, E. C. (2009), 'Adapting to climate change in The Netherlands: an inventory of climate adaptation options and ranking of alternatives, Climate change, 95, 23–45

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