Economics of climate change, including estimates of the costs of adaptation (globally) for developed countries.

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Stern, N.
Peters, S.
Bakhshi, V.
Bowen, A.
Cameron, C.
Catovsky, S.
Crane, D.
Cruickshank, S.
Dietz, S.
Edmondson, N.
Garbett, S.
Hamid, L.
Hoffman, G.
Ingram, D.
Jones, B.
Patmore, N.
Radcliffe, H.
Sathiyarajah, R.
Stock, M.
Taylor, C.
Vernon, T.
Wanjie, H.
Zenghelis, D.
Cambridge University Press.

Stern . N., Peters, S., Bakhshi, V., Bowen, A., Cameron, C., Catovsky, S., Crane, D., Cruickshank, S., Dietz, S., Edmondson, N., Garbett, S., Hamid, L., Hoffman, G., Ingram, D., Jones, B., Patmore, N., Radcliffe, H., Sathiyarajah, R., Stock, M., Taylor, C., Vernon, T., Wanjie, H., and Zenghelis, D. (2006). The Economics of Climate Change. Cabinet Office – HM Treasury. Cambridge University Press.

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