This report examines adaptation and mitigation within an integrated framework. Global and regional costs of adaptation are assessed dynamically and the resulting benefits are also quantified. This is accomplished by developing a framework to incorporate adaptation as a policy choice variable within three Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs).

Author names: 
Agrawala, S.
Bosello, F.
Carraro, C.
de Bruin, K.
De Cian, E.
Dellink, R.
Lanzi, E.

Agrawala, S., Bosello, F., Carraro, C., de Bruin, K., De Cian, E., Dellink, R. and Lanzi, E. (2010). “Plan or react? Analysis of adaptation costs and benefits using integrated assessment models”. OECD Environment Directorate, Environment Working Paper No. 23.

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