In this report, concepts of methodology are outlined and projections of extreme events and their impacts, risks and damages, are presented, without consideration of adaptation and with consideration of adaptation. A review of impacts (especially related to floods, droughts and heat waves in agriculture, forest fires and windfalls), offered in the present report, has particular reference to the time horizon of 2020s and to the end of the 21st century.

Author names: 
Kundzewicz, Z.W.
Lugeri, N.
Hochrainer, S.
Moriondo, M.
Schelhaas, M.-J.
Radziejewski, M.
Kedziora, A.
Bindi, M.
Matczak, P.
Szwed, M.
Pinskwar, I.
Graczyk, D.
Dysarz, T.

Kundzewicz, Z.W.; Lugeri, N.; Hochrainer, S.; Moriondo, M.; Schelhaas, M.-J.; Radziejewski, M.; Kedziora, A.; Bindi, M.; Matczak, P.; Szwed, M.; Pinskwar, I.; Graczyk, D.; Dysarz, T. (2009). Risk and economic damage assessment for 2025 and 2100, with and without adaptation. ADAM-Project, Deliverable D-A2.2b.

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