The ADAM work under this Deliverable is divided into two components: • a brief survey (Section 2) of these new studies, identifying their key messages, the methodological approaches adopted, and possible reasons for divergence in method and message; • a more detailed piece of primary research (Section 3) which makes an exploratory attempt to develop an alternative method to those most commonly used in developing cost estimates. This research does not deliver a new calculation of the assessment of damages of future climate change. As we will illustrate in Section 2, there is already a considerable volume of literature which attempts to do just this. Rather, this report aims to highlight areas that are lacking in current assessments and provide some ideas of how these deficiencies could be addressed. We provide an illustrative example of these ideas, which will require further work before this method is able to be incorporated into a comprehensive assessment of damage costs.

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Wreford, A.
Hulme, M.
Adger, N.

Wreford, A.; Hulme, M.; Adger, N. (2007). Strategic Assessment of the Impacts, Damage Costs, and Adaptation Costs of Climate Change in Europe. ADAM-Project.

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