The case studies cover: (1) a screening of farming practices that address soil conservation processes (soil erosion, soil compaction, loss of soil organic matter, contamination, etc.); the extent of their application under the local agricultural and environmental conditions; their potential effect on soil conservation; and their economic aspects (in the context of overall farm management); (2) an in-depth analysis of the design and implementation of agri-environmental measures under the rural development policy and other relevant policy measures or instruments for soil conservation; (3) examination of the link with other related environmental objectives (quality of water, biodiversity and air, climate change adaptation and mitigation, etc.).

Author names: 
Heyn, N.
Helmig, K.
Schuler, J.
Zander, P.
Sattler, C.
Prager, K.
Hagemann, N.

Heyn, N.; Helmig, K.; Schuler, J.; Zander, P.; Sattler, C.; Prager, K.; Hagemann, N. (2009). Case Study Germany. Sustainable Agriculture and Soil Conservation (SoCo Project).

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