The interest of this paper is to focus on the development of adaptive actions for the French energy infrastructures. The energy infrastructures considered concern the energy production, storage, and the energy grid. The vulnerabilities to climate change are analyzed taking into account both the seasonal and the extreme events. Two models of the IPCC (A2 and B2) are considered to explain the expected temperatures increases and rainfall patterns in France. The conclusions show that the major difficulty in adapting to climate change is the uncertainty regarding climate change impacts at the local and regional level and thus one should be sure to build in some flexibility that will prevent losses in the case that a climate event does not occur as predicted.

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Mansanet-Bataller, M.
Hervé-Mignucci, M.
Leseur, A.

Mansanet-Bataller, M.; Hervé-Mignucci, M.; Leseur, A. (2008). Energy Infrastructures in France: Climate Change Vulnerabilities and Adaptation Possibilities.

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