This study compiles and summarizes the existing knowledge about observed and projected impacts of climate change on forests in Europe and reviews options for forests and forestry to adapt to climate change.

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Lindner, M.
Garcia-Gonzalo, J.
Kolström, M.
Green, T.
Reguera, R.
Maroschek, M.
Seidl, R.
Lexer, M.
Netherer, S.
Schopf, A.
Kremer, A.
Delzon, S.
Barbati, A.
Marchetti, M.
Corona, P.

Lindner, M.; Garcia-Gonzalo, J.; Kolström, M.; Green, T.; Reguera, R.; Maroschek, M.; Seidl, R.; Lexer, M.; Netherer, S.; Schopf, A.; Kremer, A.; Delzon, S.; Barbati, A.; Marchetti, M.; Corona, P. (2008). Impacts of Climate Change on European Forests and Options for Adaptation. Report to the European Commission Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development.

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