This study on ‘Adaptation to Climate Change in the Agricultural Sector’ aims to provide the European Commission with an improved understanding of the potential implications of climate change and adaptation options for European agriculture, covering the EU 27 Member States. It also aims to assist policy makers as they take up the adaptation challenge and develop measures to reduce the vulnerability of the sector to climate change.

Author names: 
Iglesias, A.
Avis, K.
Benzie, M.
Fisher, P.
Harley, M.
Hodgson, N.
Horrocks, L.
Moneo, M.
Webb, J.

Iglesias, A.; Avis, K.; Benzie, M.; Fisher, P.; Harley, M.; Hodgson, N.; Horrocks, L.; Moneo, M.; Webb, J. (2007). Adaptation to Climate Change in the Agricultural Sector. AGRI-2006-G4-05.

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