In this article, we (i) examine the ways in which erosion reduces soil fertility and crop productivity, (ii) assess the environmental and economic costs of soil erosion, and (iii) compare various agricultural techniques and practices that reduce erosion and help conserve water and soil resources.

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Pimentel, D.
Harvey C., Resosudarmo, P.
Sinclair, K.
Kurz, D.
McNair, M.
Crist, S.
Shpritz, L.
Fitton, L.
Saffouri, R.
Blair, R.

Pimentel, D.; Harvey C., Resosudarmo, P.; Sinclair, K.; Kurz, D.; McNair, M.; Crist, S.; Shpritz, L.; Fitton, L.; Saffouri, R.; Blair, R. (1995). Environmental and Economic Costs of Soil Erosion and Conservation Benefits. in: Science, Vol. 267, No. 5201, 1117-1123.

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