The aim of the current study is to provide a ‘qualitative assessment’ of the direct and indirect effects of adaptation options and to provide an assessment of some of the costs and benefits of adaptation options. The present report presents and summarizes the results of all phases of the study: an inventory of adaptation options, a qualitative assessment of the effects of the adaptation options for the Netherlands in the long run, a database which allows to rank the various options according to a set of criteria and a relative ranking on the basis of these criteria. Finally the report also contains the best available information on costs and benefits of various adaptation options.

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van Ierland, E.C.
de Bruin, K.
Dellink, R.B.
Ruijs, A.

E.C. van Ierland, K. de Bruin, R.B. Dellink and A. Ruijs (2007). A qualitative assessment of climate change adaptation options and some estimates of adaptation costs. Routeplanner naar een klimaatbestendig Nederland Adaptatiestrategiën. Wageningen.

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